Cosmetics - Newwell - Makeup Stick Highlighter


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New Well Highlighter Stick, which caters to all make-up with cold and warm sub-tones, saves you the trouble of having two different highlighters. Its stick form provides ease of application. You can apply lipstick to the areas you want to bring to the fore by highlighting, and then distribute it with a damp make-up sponge or brush. As an alternative, you can take some highlighter on your fingertips and highlight the areas you want with the heat of your finger. The New Well Highlighter Stick, with its nacreous structure, does not contain glitter and adds a non-exaggerated glow. It easily integrates with the skin thanks to its creamy structure. If you want to add a healthy and natural glow to your make-up, you can shine all day long with New Well Highlighter Stick!

The New Well Highlighter Stick adapts to every make-up with 2 different colour options. It has a pink sub-tone highlighter stick at one end and a yellow sub-tone highlighter stick at one other.